The Talbot Home awards funds to the MCH-Meals on Wheels’ Kitchen Appeal Campaign

The Board of Trustees of the Talbot Home has made a sizable gift to MCH-Meals On Wheels Kitchen Appeal in Rockland, Maine. The Talbot Home trustees have awarded funds to help Meals On Wheels build a new kitchen, and have helped establish an endowment to assist the organization with future operating expenses.

The Talbot Home, established in 1900, was originally named the Home for Aged Women. This past year, the Trustees voted to close the Home, due to a decline in usage, and to distribute the funds to worthy organizations in the Rockland area. The Talbot Home had provided residential care for the citizens of Mid-coast Maine for more than 100 years.

The MCH-Meals On Wheels Kitchen Appeal campaign is for $650,000—and includes the kitchen construction costs and funds for an endowment to help meet future kitchen maintenance expenses.

“On behalf of the entire community that MCH helps, I would like to express our gratitude for this generous and kind gift,” said MCH Executive Director Lee Karker. “We always appreciated the service the Talbot Home offered to the members of our community. And, we will endeavor to fulfill our promise—to never turn away anyone who is eligible—and to work toward consistently producing the best services and food possible for the people whom we serve.”

Food prepared by Meals On Wheels is delivered throughout Knox County to homebound seniors and people with special needs five days a week for 52 weeks a year. In 2014, MCH-Meals On Wheels delivered 32,421 meals to homebound people, living throughout Mid-coast Maine, who are unable to prepare or cook meals for themselves.

In the past three years, the Meals On Wheels program has had a dramatic 26-percent increase in the number of requests for low-cost, home-delivered meals. Meals On Wheels would not be able to increase the number of meals it produces and keep up with the rising number of requests that are anticipated in the next few years, without this planned kitchen expansion.

The kitchen renovations, designed by Peter T. Gross Architects of Camden, Maine, will include: the construction of larger, better-designed work areas to handle the increased capacity; upgraded work zones for food preparation, cooking, dishwashing and storage; and, a redesigned driveway to improve traffic flow for deliveries to the facility and to enable volunteer-drivers to safely load meals for transport. The new kitchen will include state-of-the art equipment, improved workstations and air conditioning.

In addition to Meals On Wheels, MCH manages the Methodist Conference Home in Rockland, a low-cost residential facility that is home to 48 older adults and people with special needs. MCH administers three other low-income residential facilities in Mid-coast Maine: the Rankin Center and Stevens House in Rockland and the Knox Hotel Apartments in Thomaston.

MCH also operates a program for low-income families called MCH-Transportation that provides bus and taxi service, and vouchers for MaineCare members and people who need transportation to medical appointments, shop, buy groceries and for other purposes. MCH-Transportation operates in Knox, Lincoln and Sagadahoc counties, and the towns of Brunswick and Harpswell.

The U.S. Census indicates that Maine has the oldest population of any state in the U.S. and that Knox County has the second oldest population of any county in Maine. Today more than 5,000 senior nutrition programs—such as Meals On Wheels—operate throughout the U.S., delivering meals directly to the homes of individuals with limited mobility and serving meals in senior group centers. These programs provide more than one million meals per day that are delivered by more than two million volunteers every year to senior citizens throughout the U.S.

To learn more about the MCH-Meals On Wheels Kitchen Appeal campaign, or to contribute to this effort, please contact Executive Director Lee Karker at 207-596-6477 or lkarker@mchinc.org, 46 Summer Street, Rockland, ME 04841.