Knox County’s Meals on Wheels program has grown 25% in the last three years and the program is expected to continue expanding well into the future.  To meet this demand, we are seeking your help to upgrade and expand the Meals On Wheels’ kitchen.

We hope you will make a contribution today to The MCH-Meals On Wheels Kitchen Appeal. The 32,421 meals delivered last year were lifelines for many of our older neighbors.

Campaign Goals

The campaign goal is $650,000, which includes a maintenance fund for future repairs. We are within 5% of our goal and broke ground on August 5! Help us finish the job by contributing today!

The original kitchen has received only minor upgrades since it was built in 1968.  It lacks adequate food storage and workspace and is under-equipped. The driveway that provides access to the kitchen is narrow, and is a dead-end bottleneck for volunteers and delivery truck drivers.

The Plan for Renovation and Construction

We need to: Construct larger work areas to handle the ever-increasing meal production; Add efficient spaces for cooking and baking; Build additional space for storage; and Install new equipment. The new kitchen will almost double in size from the current 660-square feet to 1,220 square-feet.  Plus, the redesigned horseshoe-shaped driveway will improve access and safety for food deliveries and for the volunteer drivers who pick up and deliver meals.

So, Why is It Important to Make a Gift?

Meals On Wheels needs a larger kitchen in order to increase the number of meals prepared to meet the growing requests for home-delivered meals. Without good nutrition and regular volunteer contact these neighbors may lose the struggle to keep their independence.

We think this sums up the need perfectly, “Meals On Wheels’ good nutrition and regular volunteer contact provides the people we serve with the independence we all enjoy. “

Committee Members
Leslie Fillnow, Chair
Susan Thomas, Vice-Chair
Dyke Messler
Peter Gross
Marnie Read
John Burstein
Sherrie Gibson
Lee Karker, Executive Director