2019-2020 Board of Directors

Susan Thomas, President

Charlotte Gulezian,  Vice-President

 Ann Parent, Treasurer

 James Bowditch, Secretary

Karen Munson

Audrey Lovering

Jane Sturgeon

Julie Clement

Elizabeth Bailey-Mitchell

Ardelle Gile

Clark Doran

Catherine Anderson

Meg Queior

Rev. Jacquelyn Brannen

Rachel McCleary 

Elisabeth A. Schuh, Executive Director

Our Mission

MCH empowers individuals, primarily older adults and people with disabilities, to maintain independent, active lives by providing them access to housing, Meals on Wheels and support services.

Since 1969 MCH’s programs have been providing a critical safety net for some of the communities’ most vulnerable residents.

MCH is a dedicated team of service professionals, drivers, nutritionists, cooks, volunteers, community partners and donors committed to helping older adults and individuals with disabilities maintain their independence for as long as possible.

MCH Board of Directors

Elisabeth A. Schuh, Executive Director
Audrey Lovering, President, West Paris
Charlotte Gulezian, Vice President, Waldoboro
Ann Parent, Treasurer, Warren
James Bowditch, Secretary, Camden
Linda Campbell-Marshall, Rockland
Julie Clement, Rockport
Jennifer Curran, Randolph
Ardelle Gile
Elizabeth Bailey-Mitchell
Karen Munson, E. Winthrop
Jane Sturgeon, Old Town
Susan Thomas, Owls Head