Rockland Resident Knits Community Together

It all started with two local knitting groups – one in Rockport and one in Rockland.  One member of the Rockport group, Veronica “Ronnie” Beason, passed away recently and her husband contacted fellow member Kath Holland of Warren.  He wanted other members of the group to share Ronnie’s yarn and also asked Kath if she could find a way to donate some of Ronnie’s yarn for a good purpose.  The beautiful skeins of yarn have found just the right home where they will be put to good use in helping others.

In Rockland, Fayelene Hawkins who lives at the Rankin Center Apartments with her husband John is part of the Knit Wits Group that meets at the Rockland City Hall every Wednesday.  While members of the group knit and donate items for people of all ages including Togus, V.A., local long term care homes, knitting hats and scarves for the Special Olympics and blankets for babies, Fayelene concentrates mostly on knitting hats and mittens for area pre-schoolers.

Fayelene shares, “City Hall provides us with a room and storage for the yarn and supplies, which many people donate.  I worked with Headstart for twenty-five years so young children are my focus – the three, four, and five year olds.  I want to make sure they have hats and mittens to keep them warm for the winter.”

In addition to Headstart, her hat and mitten sets go to local pre-kindergartens.   She knits year round and estimates she makes approximately two hat and mitten sets per week.  She also makes quilts for local charitable causes and for gifts, noting that many people also donate their fabric scraps to her which she incorporates in all sizes of quilts from crib to king size.  Her apartment is a study in ultimate organization with designated spaces for crafting materials, projects in progress, and finished hand-crafted items.

While retired and facing health challenges, Fayelene explains her drive, energy, and impressive organizational skills, “I find it hard to sit still.  I need to be doing something productive.  If I haven’t accomplished anything, I feel the day is wasted.”

Many little hands and heads will be happy that Fayelene has dedicated her time and talents to keep them warm this winter and Fayelene is grateful to a fellow knitter she never had a chance to meet, Ronnie Beason, who helped supply a great deal of yarn, and Ronnie’s friend Kath Holland for coming up with the donation idea in carrying out Ronnie and Ronnie’s husband’s wish to help others.

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